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Murder Mystery

Mike Galloway is a wall street millionaire who was found dead in his office located on his huge estate. Beth Galloway, Mikes daughter, found him with a mail opener lodged in the left side of his neck. She immediately called law enforcement and told the rest of her family what she saw. Law enforcement estimate the time of death between 1:03am-1:47am Monday morning, September 25, 2017. Details on the case will be released to the public later in the day at 12:00pm, September 25th.


Characters & Their Story: 


Mike Galloway Sr.- Murdered, 45 years old


Mrs. Galloway- The Wife, 43 years old

She and Mike have been married for 15 years. She has known about Mikes infidelity in their relationship and took him back every time.


Tom Floyd- The pool guy, 22 years old

Tom is a handsome young guy. He’s very quiet and didn’t really bother Mike. Mrs. Galloway handles his pay rate and bonuses, since she controlled Mike Galloway Sr. accounting for all his businesses.


Jacob Galloway- The deceased’s younger brother, 32 years old

Jacob is a professor at a local community college. He got a PHD from a university in Texas. He is known to have a gambling problem and frequently requested money from his deceased brother to pay bad debt.


Ruth Tucker- The Nanny, 33 years old

Ruth has been the family nanny for the past 15 years. Her and Mike got along most of the time.


Mike Galloway Jr.- The Son, 24 years old

Mike Galloway Jr. dropped out of college because he believes he can run the family business without having advanced education. His father always gave him a hard time about it and they never got along because of this.


Beth Galloway- The daughter, 22 years old

Beth and Mike Sr. got along well. She was his favorite child who is now entering graduate school to earn an MBA.


Paul Lease- The best friend, 33 years old

Paul was Mike Sr. best friend since high school. The two went into business together and opened a very successful golf course that they co-own.



Police Interrogations- 9:00am-11:45am Monday, September 25, 2017


Mrs. Galloway: Mrs. Galloway stated that she was in her and Mikes room sound asleep during the time of murder. She didn’t hear or see anything strange. She does admit that she and Mike didn’t have the best relationship because of his infidelities, but she tried to look past it as much as possible for the sake of their children.


Tom Floyd- Tom claims that he was sound asleep as well in the guest house that’s on the Galloways property and didn’t hear a thing. However, he did see Mrs. Galloway talking on the phone when peeping through his bedroom window. She seemed furious.


Mike Galloway Jr.- Mike Galloway Jr. claims that he was indeed on the estate grounds during the time of death. However, he was on the opposite side of the mansion in his room playing video games. He admits that he and his father didn’t have the best relationship, but he did care for him when he wasn’t being harsh to him. He claims that his sister, Beth, stormed inside of his room around 12:30am because she had just argued with their dad about someone she is dating. Mike also claims that Beth stated that sometimes she wishes their father was “dead”. She left his room 20 minutes after. She did not say who the mystery man in her life was.


Beth Galloway- Beth was asked about the argument she had with her father before his passing. She was sneaking around with the pool guy, Tom, and she claims to be in love. When her father found out about it, he was furious, which is what caused the argument. She was so upset that she went to her brothers’ room for comfort.

She does point out that her dad stopped giving his brother, Jacob, money because he was using it for gambling instead of seeking out help for his addiction. Beth does mention that her father took her brother out of his will because he believed he was a disappointment. This made Mike Jr. very angry.


Jacob Galloway- When questioning Jacob, police asked about his gambling addiction and the money he borrowed from his brother. Jacob stated that he and his brother had a great relationship. He does admit that he has a gambling addiction and that Mike was helping him through it.


Police speculated that he may have killed his brother because he stopped giving him money to finance his addiction or to pay off high student loans he has. Jacob stated that he would never do that and that he does not have student loans. He claims to have received multiple scholarships for good grades, being left-handed, and being a part of a church. Jacob does point out that Mike told him that he believed his wife, Mrs. Galloway, was having an affair with his best friend and business partner, Paul.


Ruth Tucker- Ruth was in the home cleaning up around the house. She did not see Mike all that night. However, she claims that she heard Paul and Mike talking about business, when out of nowhere, they started arguing about his wife possibly sleeping with Paul. She also saw Beth in Toms room in the guest house around 1:10am, although they claimed they were sound asleep.


Paul Lease- When asked about the possible affair with Mikes wife, Paul confirmed that they were having an affair. Paul admit that he was sometimes envious and jealous of Mike. He had everything, including a wife he didn’t appreciate. But, he stated that he would never lodge a mail opener in the left side of his neck. He saw him as a brother even though they had disagreements sometimes. Besides, he stated that he wasn’t even on the property that night.


**Officers wanted to question Tom, Mike Jr, and Mrs. Galloway again after new information came about in previous interrogations that they wanted answers to.


Tom Floyd (Interrogation #2)- When asked about why he lied about being sound asleep, Tom stated that he didn’t want to be seen as a suspect. He then admits that he and Mikes daughter have been seeing each other and are indeed in love. But, he would never do anything to hurt Mike. Although Mike did confront him and threatened to fire him that very same day around 12:55am.  He simply agreed to leave Beth alone, which he didn’t intend to, just to make sure Mike Sr. won’t be an issue in their life anymore.


Mike Galloway Jr. (Interrogation #2)- Officers speculated that maybe Mike Jr. got angry about his father taking him out of his will, that maybe he wanted to kill him afterwards. Mike does admit that this made him furious and that he and his father got into a bad altercation because of this, but it simply motivated him to do better in life, not kill him. He wanted to teach his father that he wasn’t a failure, and he can’t do that if he’s dead.


Mrs. Galloway (Interrogation #2)- Officers wanted to know why Mrs. Galloway lied about being sound asleep, when Tom Floyd saw her talking on the phone to someone. She stated that she was too embarrassed to say that she was speaking to her lawyer. Since Mike found out that her and Paul were having an affair, Mike Sr. wanted a divorce and was going to leave her with no money to support her lifestyle. She stated that this made her angry, but she simply planned on bringing up all the times he cheated as a way to win the court battle. After that phone call, she went to bed.


Who’s the KILLER(S)?